La Vieille Ecole, a hospitable place dedicated to a happy, ecological and friendly transition, 100% citizen driven, 100% at local level

A resource place

Faced with ecological and democratic, health and social issues, we will have to “negotiate our lifestyles”: our ways of living, eating, getting around, taking vacations and, more generally, producing and consuming. Many solutions can be brought to the local level with all the volunteers. This is what motivated us to undertake the Vieille Ecole project combining learning and hospitality.

Stay and live the change

Learn, share, and be the change

La Vieille École do do what ?

A social, solidarity family and entrepreneurial adventure at the sservice of the general interest

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change (thank you Gandhi). Inspired by this way, we have invested in La Vieille Ecole to encourage everyone to contribute to a sustainable world, every day, for everybody. We explore runways for concrete actions – 100% local level and 100% citizen driven transition – so that everyone can realize their « local utopias ».

La Vieille École for who ?

This is for and with you. And also the others. These are encounters to learn to (better) live together, trust, be solidarity, rise to see far

Our approach

Sustainable production
Understand the world around us
Transmit and accompany
Live all together

From seed to plate, experiment with other ways while respecting the living.

Sharpening minds for collective transformation

Encourage the sharing of knowledge, life skills, uses, cultures

Make people want to live together by encouraging interactions


Stay and live the change

At the Vieille École, we are developing a form of tourism inspired by the principles of the NUTOA*(*National Union of Tourism and Outdoor Associations) :

  • humanist tourism, a vector of links and diversity between tourist and local populations;
  • equitable tourism in the distribution of income, the use of resources and access for all;
  • tourism concerned with its ecological footprint, protecting the local and planetary environment and preserving the balance of ecosystems.

We offer two formulas :

  • either in guest rooms in our family home or in glamping in the meadow
  • in furnished family tents.

In any case, chic and contemporary atmosphere, green spaces and swimming pool at will.

By nature, La Vieille École is a place of encounters, sharing and exchanges that welcomes, values and transmits the heritage that composes and surrounds it. Come as you are !

What do you do ?

We manufacture tomorrow
right now


4 rooms and 6 lodge tents are available depending on the time of year – short or medium stay, tourism or work, creative residence… the choice is yours.

Wellness stays

Terroir & meditation, experiential tourism, in slow mode, as an explorer or regenerative, yoga & nature, remote working in the green… entrust us with your desires.

You can do it !

Terroir & meditation, experiential tourism, in slow mode, as an explorer or regenerative, yoga & nature, remote working in the green… entrust us with your desires.

Learning process

Philosophy cafés, reading, history, debates and reverse conferences… share points of view.

Get togetherness

Small groups and big ideas, you get inspired, we take care of the rest, by the day or in a hosted stay.

Coworking in the green

Ideas factory & co-construction lab for nomadic workers, collective working time, association meetings, civic debate, etc.

Inspiring residence

Your creative imagination is turned towards beautiful futures ? Us too ! And if we’d explore the wish to share time together ?

Festivals and events

Everywhere, all year long, a rich offer of events that open up so many opportunities to stay and circulate.


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